Visiting patients in the immigrant villages to holistically improve the livelihood of villagers

Earlier this month, GX collaborated with a local Chinese-funded enterprise, Power Construction Corporation of China (PowerChina). The medical team, along with colleagues from the Foundation, journeyed to an immigrant village constructed by PowerChina, where they conducted screenings for villagers suffering from eye diseases. Among the 46 villagers, 12 were diagnosed with cataracts, and the team immediately scheduled them for surgery. Yesterday the team visited another immigrant village to conduct eye screening for over 20 villagers.

Located in mountainous regions, the immigrant villages are almost 1-hour driving distance from the Foundation’s hospital; the villagers rarely have the opportunity to seek for medical attention, and some are not even aware of having cataracts. Recently, Chairman LEUNG Chun-ying personally visited 2 of the patients at their homes for a follow-up on their recovery and the patients expressed gratitude towards the Foundation's program.

The Foundation is grateful to PowerChina for their help in patient screening arrangements and facilitation in transporting diagnosed villagers to receive free surgery at the hospital and return home for recovery.