Completion of 9000 surgeries worldwide Centenarian Senegalese receives the birthday gift of sight

GX Foundation completed its 9000th surgery in Senegal in West Africa! Senegal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Facing a scarcity of medical resources, it is hard for the locals to receive treatment even when they develop issues in their eyes.

An elderly lady who recently celebrated her 100th birthday became the Foundation’s 9000th global case and the 500th patient in the second cohort of the Senegal project. Two years ago, she began experiencing a decline in her vision. With both of her eyes becoming blurry, it became difficult for her to carry out daily activities independently. Recently, accompanied by her children, she underwent eye examinations at the GX project site, where she was diagnosed with the final stage of cataracts.

Given the granny’s old age, poor cardio-pulmonary function and severe cataracts, this surgery was particularly difficult to carry out. However, due to her strong desire to regain her vision and trust in the Chinese medical team, she agreed to undergo surgery. Upon learning about their trust in them, the medical team had full confidence in her case and completed the surgery within 15 minutes.

The granny was able to see well after the surgery. She was very excited when her gauze was removed and thanked GX and the medical team for their help, stating that this is the best birthday and New Year present she has ever received.

Everyone at GX is elated and touched to be able to restore the vision for the 100-year-old granny. We would like to wish her a happy birthday and good health.
Following the launch of the first cohort in Senegal in October last year, the second cohort of the project is now underway. As of today, 672 free cataract surgeries have been completed.