Chinese enterprise brings warmth to medical team aiding Senegal in celebration of the New Year

The project site in the Fatick region of Senegal in West Africa is located in an underdeveloped and remote area lacking daily necessities. Apart from the three arranged meals provided by the chef for the medical team daily, they have to spend six hours travelling to and from the capital every week to stock up on daily necessities. Despite the challenges faced during the implementation process, the project was launched successfully with the assistance of the local Ministry of Health and the efforts of the team.

Recently, GX Foundation consultant, Mr. Weng, even brought food and gifts to our site in the Fatick region and celebrated the new year with our medical team and local colleagues. GX is very grateful for his kindness, spreading immense warmth to the medical team and colleagues in Africa.

Following the launch of the first cohort of the project in October last year, the second phase began in late November. As of today, 654 free cataract surgeries have been successfully completed, bringing light of hope to hundreds of patients.