Successful completion of around 200 surgeries by female medical team in second Mauritanian cohort

Due to religious reasons, many women in Mauritania refuse to be treated by male doctors, even when they suffer from eye diseases. In response to the local needs regarding this aspect, the second medical team cohort deployed to Mauritania consists entirely of female medical professionals. All 5 members of the Heilongjiang medical team aiding Mauritania come from Heilongjiang Provincial Eye Hospital.

They arrived in Mauritania on 18th November and completed a total of 195 surgeries in about 17 surgical days, averaging 12 surgeries daily. Since the launch of the project in Mauritania in October this year, a total of 609 free cataract surgeries have been performed across the two cohorts. GX would like to thank the Heilongjiang medical team for their efforts, bringing light of hope to countless Mauritanian cataract patients.