Medical team performed free screening at local village of Luang Prabang

In Luang Prabang, the GX team and the Guangxi medical team went to local villages and carried out free screening a few days ago. At the local village of Saenkhalok, more than 60 villagers received free eye screening, within which 19 were diagnosed with cataracts and deemed suitable for surgery.

GX has already scheduled operation dates for the patients. However, there are some patients who do not have family members to accompany them to the hospital on the day of their surgery. In order to ensure their peace of mind and successful surgery, GX is going to arrange free transportation to bring them to the hospital, hoping to improve the quality of life of the patients through restoring their vision.

We are very grateful to the local ministry of health and government for their support and mobilization, as well as the Guangxi medical team for their contributions and efforts. Their mission to Laos lasts from early November to late January next year and many of the team members have participated in the foundation’s projects multiple times. For three months, they ventured far from home, even spending the Winter Solstice and New Year in Laos, all with the purpose of bringing light of hope to more Lao patients.

GX would like to thank them for their contribution. We will continue carrying out promotions in different places to let more patients learn about the superb technology of the Chinese medical team and to spread the kindness and compassion of the Chinese to the rest of the world.