Sight restored for family member of Cambodian volunteer Story of helping himself through helping others

The success of the cataract blindness elimination project is not only attributable to the efforts of the medical team, but to the cooperation of the local volunteers as well. In the foundation’s projects across different countries, our collaborating partners will send 10-15 medical personnel to serve as our volunteers and assist with pre-operative assessments.

The volunteers at our site in Prey Veng province, Cambodia, come from different regions within the province and undergo rotations regularly. One of our volunteers, Akira, has participated in 2 cohorts and was responsible for pre-operative eye disinfection work. However, as his workload at his other jobs became greater, he could no longer continue his engagement with GX. Recently, he returned to the hospital and this time, was accompanied by a lady.

The lady is Akira’s aunt, who has developed cataracts. Akira expressed that he had become very familiar with the entire project flow from his time volunteering for GX and he wholeheartedly trusts the surgical capabilities of the medical team. He believes that they can cure his aunt’s eye disease and therefore, brought her to receive treatment. His aunt strongly praised the program for the smooth surgical process and she did not feel any pain throughout.

Many Cambodians believe that cataracts are irreversible and have never undergone ophthalmic surgery. However, due to the good reputation of the foundation’s project, more people now know that cataracts can be treated and have full trust in the Chinese medical team.

Since December, the Guangxi medical team has been very efficient, completing more than 300 surgeries in only 10 surgical days. GX would like to thank the Guangxi medical team for their efforts, as well as the people of Cambodia for their trust. We will definitely continue working hard to provide free cataract surgeries for more Cambodian patients, bringing them light of hope.