Vision restored for deaf-mute son Burden lessened for loving mother

A simple surgery can change one’s life and lessen the burden of the whole family. 33 year-old Vongphet Chanthachack is deaf and mute. He developed cataracts earlier this year and was suddenly unable to take care of himself. Thankfully, with the help from GX, as well as the second and third cohorts of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region medical teams, he underwent surgery in May and June on both of his eyes and has now regained his vision. He can now go around freely and even ride on a motorbike.

Half a year post-surgery, GX paid him a visit at his home. His 59-year-old mother was very concerned when his son could not see clearly, saying “He already cannot hear nor speak, if he loses his vision also, that is too unfortunate. I do not know who can take care of him when I pass away.” It was very sad hearing this from his mother
Most of the medical team members that performed his surgery are currently working in Cambodia. When our GX staff updated them with a photo of him moving freely and smiling radiantly, they were all very happy for him. He was almost unrecognizable, as if he had become another person.

Upon returning to normal vision after undergoing bilateral surgery, Vongphet can now ride his motorcycle to the bakery factory for work and be self-reliant. Seeing the long lost smiles on the mother and son’s faces, GX is very happy for them. We wish them good health and all the best.