Successful completion of the first cohort in Mauritania Heilongjiang medical team sets surgical record

Upon arriving to scorching Mauritania from the icy lands of Heilongjiang, the Heilongjiang medical team has overcome various challenges in this Saharan country. Within 20.5 surgical days, they have completed 414 operations, averaging 20.2 surgeries per day and setting a new record for GX Foundation.

The consultation room in Mauritania is filled with hundreds of patients every day. Some of them have never seen a doctor and some, for religious reasons, are unwilling to receive treatment from male doctors. All of these factors contribute to the slim chance that female patients have of receiving cataract surgery. In order to meet their needs, GX sent a team primarily composed of female medical professionals to provide free cataract surgeries for local women.

GX would like to thank the Heilongjiang provincial medical team for their contribution towards the project. They have set a new record with remarkable efficiency, operating only on one Mobile Eye Treatment Centre and serving as bearers of light for the people of Mauritania.