Unwavering trust in Chinese doctors from Vientiane to Luang Prabang

The “Cataract Blindness Elimination Project” was officially launched in Luang Prabang yesterday. 107 Military Hospital was filled with patients coming to undergo screening by the Guangxi medical team. Before the launch of the project, GX actively recruited patients not only through collaborations with local Chinese enterprises, but also through promotions in local festivities. On the first day, 20 cases of surgeries were already successfully completed.

When the Laos project site was in Vientiane, many patients had to travel long distances to undergo surgery in the capital and many of them are from Luang Prabang. On the first surgical day, there were already 3 patients with bilateral cataracts coming to the new site to receive a second surgery. They unanimously expressed that they had previously received treatment in GX’s project site in Vientiane and had good results. They are very glad that GX is now in Luang Prabang, therefore, immediately came to our new site to receive surgery in their other eye.

From Vientiane to Luang Prabang, GX and the Guangxi medical team have always stayed true to their initial purpose, striving to provide the best surgical treatment services for every patient. The trust and simple expressions of gratitude are the biggest motivation for us to continue our work. Sometimes, despite language barriers, a smile or thumbs-up from the patients speaks volumes and is worth a thousand words.