Fulfilling childhood dream, feeling honored to help in Africa

The Heilongjiang medical team aiding Mauritania consists of 3 doctors and 2 nurses. The feeling of performing cataract surgery is especially profound after overcoming scorching temperatures and various challenges 10000km away from home.

Dr. Wu Shu Bin from the Heilongjiang medical team aiding Mauritania, said, "When I was young, I saw many celebrities volunteering in Africa on television, and I thought they were great. Now that I have the opportunity to personally go to Africa and use my skills to help those in need, I feel extremely honored."

Nurse Sheng Ke Xin expressed, "I have always wanted to go abroad to help others, and have even considered joining Médecins Sans Frontières as a nurse, but it did not work out due to various reasons. This is my first time participating in foreign aid work, and I am very excited and proud. As long as I can help more patients, I will be very happy."