Restoration of a colorful world Elderly man bears in mind the Quran

Mauritania is a country located next to the Sahara desert, with a hot climate and billowing sand. On the third day of the project, there was still a large crowd outside of the Mobile Eye Treatment Centre. In order to manage the people waiting, we needed the assistance of security guards to maintain orderly access and leave through a small door.
Although the people in the queue were very excited at times , they would politely clear the way every time for our field staff to pass through. Some patients even said “Hello!” to us in Mandarin.

69-year-old Sidna Sidelem was accompanied to the hospital by his son. Before he developed cataracts, he was engaged in animal husbandry and raised animals. Cataracts stripped him of his ability to work and he could only see things close up. It was unbearable for him that life had lost its color and ended like that.

He could not afford to pay for the operation, therefore, he is very grateful to GX for providing free surgery. He hopes to go to the mosque and read the Quran as soon as he regains his vision. Following the success of the operation, he and his son beamed with joy.