Sharing the joy of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, GX Foundation extends warm and joyful wishes to all!

The fourth cohort of the project in Cambodia is currently underway. GX is grateful to the Guangxi medical team for their dedication even during the festival, performing free surgeries on patients and bringing them light of hope. After their work was done for the day, the team returned to the campsite and celebrated the festival together making dumplings and enjoying mooncakes.

Meanwhile, the GX team previously visited the third cohort of medical team to Cambodia and had a virtual meeting as well as colleagues in Laos, Africa and Hong Kong, for an early Mid-Autumn celebration to share the joy and warmth of the festival.

As for the projects in Djibouti and Mauritania in Africa, preparatory work is in full swing. GX greatly appreciates the efforts of all medical teams who have left their hometowns to contribute to the projects!