A veteran regained vision after surgery and spent an unforgettable Father’s Day with his family

A father and daughter visited our project site on a surgical day during the third Laos cohort. The 70-year-old father is a retired military person, who earns a living through agriculture after retirement. However, his right eye had lost vision for three years due to cataract. His daily life and work were affected that he needs to be taken care of by his family.

The family, which lives far away from the capital, Vientiane, learnt of GX’s free cataract surgery through broadcast. Everyone in the family was nervous and worried about the surgery. His daughter and daughter-in-law even accompanied him by the side to support him before the operation. 

After a successful operation, the old man claimed that he was reborn as the medical team removed the gauze for him. He was thankful to his daughter and daughter-in-law for supporting him and was very much looking forward to resuming agricultural work with a healthy vision. The daughter was delighted as her father regained vision and wished him good health. 

On this special day, GX Foundation wishes all fathers a very “Happy Father’s Day”!