Mother of a deaf-mute son was relieved when her son regained vision

During yesterday’s pre-operational check, our medical team and translator tried their best but failed to communicate with a middle-aged man before realising that he is a deaf-mute person.
Hence, we could only rely on his mother to communicate with him with body language. The poor mother, who takes care of his two deaf-mute sons, only make LAK 70,000 (around HKD30) every day while the brothers used to work outside and earn LAK 150,000 (around HKD75) each month, before losing their visions.
Given the man are unable to talk and hear, contracting cataract makes him became the family burden. At the first place, the man looked worried when he arrived the hospital. After providing him surgical treatment which enable him to see again, we were so delighted to see his joyful smile.
Before leaving the hospital, our medical team gifted them with traditional Chinese food as well as sent their best wishes to them.