The CCCC shuttle just set off from Lac Assal, heading towards a bright future

Lac Assal is a famous tourists attraction, located in central Djibouti, where many low-income families are living in the area. Recently, China Communications Construction Company Ltd (CCCC), a key field partner to GX, has arranged a private shuttle to transfer 20 patients with eye disease to the Hospital Général Peltier for eye examination.
After comprehensive sets of eye examinations by our medical team, 7 patients were diagnosed as cataract and confirmed suitable for cataract surgeries, while the other 13 patients were unsuitable for surgeries due to different reasons or other eye conditions. Those patients received basic treatment and public education.
Same day after surgeries, GX Foundation has arranged the 7 patients to stay at the hospital for inward observations. The cataract surgeries were completed with great success that every patient was covered in the joy of regaining vision.
GX Foundation is grateful for the support from local Chinese companies, which is essential for GX to launch our project locally. We are pleased to partner with our board member, CCCC, to become the " Bringers of Light " of the people of Djibouti. We wish all the patients a pleasant journey home and a bright life.