Blessings from Hong Kong students to the Shanxi Medical Team stationed in Djibouti

The banner filled with supportive messages written by Hong Kong students to Djibouti, East Africa and was presented to the medical team by Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Chairman of the GX Foundation, Prof. Emily Chan Ying-yang, CEO of the GX Foundation and Mr. Fu Qiang, board member of the GX Foundation and Chief Engineer, China Sinopharm International Corporation . Mr. Leung also shared about the mission and vision of our foundation programmes with the medical team before writing messages of encouragement with Mr. Fu Qiang.
The Shanxi Medical Team was grateful for HK students’ support and felt much appreciated after reading through the messages.
Carried tons of affection and sincere gratitude from Hong Kong students to the medical team, the banner is a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it.
In the future, GX Foundation will continue to organise school outreach activities to connect students with our medical teams and colleagues who are carrying humanitarian work in different parts of the world, and cultivate students with a broad mind and a global outlook.