GX’s 5th anniversary

Grand ideas need to be implemented with actions. Five years ago, we planned to travel thousands of miles to respond to the call for “people to people” connectivity, bringing hopes to the people in need of the Belt and Road countries. To achieve our goals, people with kind hearts are the key to success. Passionate Hong Kong young people are the core members of GX Foundation while our youngest staff stationed in the project site is only 22 years old.  Their tender looks, kind faces and diligent work attitude are a testimony to the “people-to-people” connectivity.

GX Foundation would like to thank our Hong Kong and Mainland China donors, Chinese Ambassadors and all Chinese corporates for their genuine support as well as all Chinese medical teams for their dedicated efforts so that we are able to embody the spirit of "sharing" under the pandemic.

This is a story about "people" started five years ago. It is an ongoing story and we will strive for exccllence to live up the spirit of "sharing" and foster “people to people” connectivity along the Belt and Road countries.