Hong Kong community outreach: “Leave Home Safe” and smartphone teaching class

GX Foundation partnered with community service volunteers in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, to provide “Leave Home Safe” and smartphone teaching class. The classes were supported by our interns and volunteers, who taught them the basics of using smartphones, including installing “Leave Home Safe” app and other basic communications apps.

In August, the volunteers and interns distributed pandemic prevention packs to low-income families and elderly people in Kwun Tong. It was during this visit that our volunteers identified elderly people who did not know how to use smartphone, or did not have smartphones. In order to support the elderlies in need, GX Foundation sponsored smartphones and SIM cards to six elderly people as a follow-up of the visit.

One of the participants said it was the best birthday present for her.  Another was thrilled after reconnecting with her friends on the communication app. GX will continue to provide care and support as well as organise smartphone teaching classes for the elderly in need.

We acknowledge with appreciation the contribution by district partner for providing the venue and assistance.