Global Health Community Knowledge Programme with the Hong Kong Business Association of Cambodia

In partnership with the Hong Kong Business Association of Cambodia, GX co-hosted a global health community knowledge webinar event on 29th December 2020, which was attended by Cambodian business leaders and representatives from pharmaceutical, property development, manufacturing, hospitality, and other industries. This train-the trainer programme, sharing the latest information on scientific and medical advancements related to COVID 19, was disseminated to over 9,300 employees, staff, and partners of these companies.

During the online seminar, GX invited public health experts to provide updates on the COVID-19 global situation status, infection control, and disease prevention and management. The Q&A session also discussed COVID-19 vaccines, emerging COVID-19 strains, as well as psychosocial health and wellbeing. This was part of GX’s 2020 Global Health Community Knowledge Programme series, one of the Foundation's main global missions and operations, which aims to enhance technical capacity within the WHO Health-Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Framework (Health-EDRM) for countries along the Belt and Road region.