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GX Mobile Eye Treatment Centre ( METC) where cataract surgeries will be performed. 

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Mother of two regains eyesight following 5-month battle with diabetes

In Cambodia, a woman with bilateral cataract completed surgery for both eyes. As a mother of two, she could not recognise the faces of her children and husband before the surgery due to poor vision, and could only see the silhouettes of her family. She started to see clearly in colour again the morning after surgery.
The patient also suffers from diabetes, which was a major concern for the team in her previous few visits. Her high blood glucose was finally under control after 5 months that the operation is safe for her. The long wait since December was worthwhile - the visual acuity of her better eye has reached 1.0, the vision of a healthy individual. She is no longer seeing her family as dark shadows.
She will be able to work again in the rice fields at home after a 3 to 5 month recovery, having promised to follow the team’s advice on eye care in the upcoming months.

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From blindness and headaches to a bright new day

A 71-year-old woman from Cambodia suffered cataracts in both eyes, with one eye completely losing its vision and the other experiencing blurry vision. Cataracts also caused her frequent headaches, sometimes so severe that she couldn't get out of bed and had to sleep all day, significantly impacting her daily life.

After receiving surgical treatment, she regained her vision and promised to take good care of her eyes in the future.

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Mission successfully completed, the second Guangxi Medical Team returned home safely after performing 439 operations in Cambodia

After performing 439 surgeries in Cambodia, the second Guangxi Medical Team has successfully completed their mission and returned home safely.
GX expresses gratitude to the second medical team from Cambodia for their selfless dedication, bringing new hope and a better life to numerous families in Cambodia.

So far, GX has completed 801 cases of free cataract surgery in the country.

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"...constructing a community of shared future for mankind."

GX Foundation is a non-profit charitable Chinese organization established in Hong Kong.  It aims to provide international medical and public health humanitarian assistance in the Belt and Road countries. The name GX is derived from the Chinese word “ 共享 ”, pronounced “Gong Xiang”, meaning “sharing”. It is a response to the call for “people to people” connectivity under the Belt and Road Initiative for International Cooperation.


Our foundation leverages on international experiences and cooperation to build comprehensive programmes promoting health, well-being and sustainable livelihood globally. In cooperation with local stakeholders, our projects deliver impactful interventions to address unmet humanitarian health needs in the Belt and Road countries.


Key programmatic themes for the 2019-2024 strategic period include cataract blindness elimination, vector-borne disease control, health emergency disaster risk management, and international partnerships and community knowledge transfer for public health humanitarian assistance.